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  • Humanities instructors are teaching history in new ways

    Live(ly) debates and augmented reality are just two of the ways that professors in the history department are teaching and connecting students to history in new and interesting ways.

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  • Node 9 speaker infront of audience

    Node 9 invites creatives to free workshop

    Daily master classes presented by international artists as well as performances and discussions.

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  • Learning from Bertrand Russell in today’s tumultuous world

    Renowned British academic influenced dozens of different fields of study and remains relevant in today’s turbulent times.

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  • All the world’s a black box

    Film & Theatre Studies students showcase their fourth-year Honours Performance Series.

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  • Picture of a mosquito

    McMaster philosopher leads principles on genetic manipulation

    Deliberate modifications to mosquitoes can prevent diseases but ethics and guiding principles for greater transparency are critical.

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  • Professor Lorraine York

    Lorraine York inducted as Fellow of Royal Society of Canada

    English and Cultural Studies Professor awarded Canada’s highest academic honour.

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Message From the Dean

Whether you are interested in Humanities because you love to learn about literature, the arts, history, philosophy, linguistics, or languages or because Humanities is an important stepping stone to a successful career in business, law, medicine, art, music, translation, speech pathology or teaching,

Whether you are looking for the skills that will help you manage in the world we live in, or are looking for the skills to help you imagine how the world could be changed,

I welcome you to Humanities at McMaster.

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  • Undergraduate Programs


    Being a critical-thinking humanist in the 21st century means taking leadership, being creative, and a willingness to question everything. Our program gives students the opportunity to explore and discover the academic program that is right for them. While students in Studio Art and Music focus on their subjects right from the start, most of our students build a unique program in their first year that gives them the flexibility to make an informed decision about their academic career path that is right for them.

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  • Graduate Programs


    We believe that Graduate students are an essential part of a vibrant academic and research atmosphere. Connecting, discovering, leading – Humanities graduate students are prepared for a range of outcomes. Make the right choice for you with Doctoral, Masters, and Graduate Diploma program streams.

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