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Philosophy in action: Welcoming Dr.  Claudia Emerson

Should we wipe out malaria carrying mosquitoes and save thousands of human lives? These are the kinds of global health decisions that policy makers and governments face world wide. To help them make the ethical decisions is Dr. Claudia Emerson, Director of the new Program on Ethics & Policy for Innovation (PEPI). A multi-disciplinary ethics consultation and research program focused on identifying and addressing ethical challenges, ethics-related risk, and policy gaps that have the potential to undermine the impact of life-saving technologies and interventions in Global Health and Development. The new program is housed within the Department of Philosophy.

Watch our interview with Dr. Emerson as part of our Research Leaders series or find out more about Dr. Emerson and the Program on Ethics & Policy for Innovation on the McMaster Daily News. Read “Philosophy in action: New program explores ethical issues in global health innovation”.