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Christine Pountney is McMaster’s 2016/2017 Writer-in-Residence

“I’m interested in being out in the world. To have an experience as a human being and to write about it, that’s my interest,” says Christine Pountney who is the 2016/2017 Mable Pugh Taylor Writer in Residence.

Every year, the Department of English & Cultural Studies at McMaster University hosts a writer-in-residence as part of the Mable Pugh Taylor Writer in Residence and/or the International Writer in Residence program. The program brings an established writer into the Hamilton area as part of a co-sponsorship with the Hamilton Public Library. The program allows aspiring authors to work one-on-one with established writers.

Christine Pountney’s book Last Chance Texaco (2000) was long-listed for the Orange prize in 2000. Her works include:

  • Last Chance Texaco (2000)
  • The Best Way You Know How (2005)
  • “Sweet Jesus” (2013)

Christine Pountney will hold office hours on McMaster campus in CNH 312 on Tuesdays and Thursdays until the end of April 2017.

To contact Christine, email englwir@mcmaster.ca.

Find out more about Christine on the McMaster Daily News: Meet McMaster’s 2016/17 Writer-in-Residence.