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Multimedia Grads ‘Master of None’ art show to appear at Art Crawl

Poly 2017 poster


Graduating students in the Multimedia program are taking their art from campus to the Factory Media Centre on James Street for the Hamilton Art Crawl.

On the evening of April 14, The Factory Media Centre will host POLY 2017: Master of None created by eighteen artists from the Multimedia program showing their work in multidisciplinary formats.

“The McMaster Multimedia program is a unique program where students dabble in design, code, audio, photography and time-based production, all while grounding their technical knowledge with media theory and artistic critique. We come from diverse walks of life and academic and professional backgrounds, all weaving in distinct world views and approaches in multimedia production. The result is a thriving community of artists with diverse voices, coming together in synergy to create a truly multifaceted body of work ranging from documentaries to musical albums and graphic design. As jacks of all trades, we believe that being a master of none is more important than a master of one. And while we usually wear many hats, this month, we wear just one thing on our heads—our graduation cap.”
McMaster Multimedia Class of 2017

Find out more about the artists and the show at the Factory Media Centre POLY 2017 information page.