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Helping international students hone their English language skills

Chalkboard with MELD Book Club agenda

An extracurricular book club aimed at helping students learn English proficiency has grown from a few interested students to a popular and powerful method for students to engage with their English language curriculum. The Book Club is being run by recent English & Cultural Studies grad Tilly Wark and has been well received by students enrolled in the MELD (McMaster English Language Development Diploma) program.

The success of the MELD Book Club is just part of another positive year for the 3-year old program that has grown significantly each year.

“This has been our most successful year to date in MELD,” says Anna Moro, Associate Dean of Humanities and MELD Director. “Our success rate was 98% with our largest class yet. What we did differently this year was to increase significantly the co-curricular opportunities for our students, including weekly Book Club meetings.”

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