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MELD booklets and novelMELD program continues to grow in its fourth year

Now four years in, the McMaster English Language Development program has grown from its inaugural cohort of just 36 students into a program of 236.

The MELD program has grown in interest and popularity since it started operation in 2014. Boasting a graduation rate of 94% or more the program has seen a substantial change in size from year one.

Students in the program this year benefit from a new MELD scholarship program. Students who place at the top of their academic class can earn up to a $5000 scholarship with smaller scholarships between $1000 and $4000 available to other students. To qualify, students have to earn a high number of ‘points’ across the program, either by performing very well on written and other work (portfolio, presentations) or by accumulating additional co-curricular hours. The new points system was introduced to encourage high engagement with the program and the university.

Eight paid interns have been hired this year to help the program provide additional activities and support for students. The interns will be running workshops, writing clinics, managing a book club, and offering additional targeted tutoring to students in the program.

Find out more about the MELD Program on the program website.