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Who Let the Dogs Out?
Created by Hassan Elawad, Claire Shingleton-Smith and Zac Williams.
Dates and Times: Thursday, March 17, 12.30 and 9pm; Friday 18, 2.30 and 7pm
When a pesky pack of pooches are set-free at Shepparton County Fair’s annual dog show, chaos ensues! The dogs dig up some dirty secrets and drag the county folk into a murderous mess that only the outside-eye, Detective Wilson, can clean up. The suspects, a prim and proper priest, a manic magician, and a straggly stable boy, among others, each have their own story—but whose version, if any, is the truth?

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Date(s) - March 18, 2016
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Robinson Memorial Theatre, Chester New Hall, McMaster University


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