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Helen Fielding

“Open Future, Regaining Possibility”

Abstract: I consider the distinctions among personal time, impersonal or natural time, and objective time, by turning to the phenomenon of teen suicides resulting from depression initiated by on-line bullying. Adolescence is a time where future possibilities ought to be the most open, but depression is experienced phenomenologically as their closing down. In a postmodern world, there is a breakdown of personal and impersonal time into objective time. This breakdown allows for infinite possibilities but they remain unconnected to lived existence. Regaining possibility thus requires the reintegration of personal time into the structure of anonymous existence, or impersonal time, in other words the reasserting of the experiential or phenomenal subject.


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Date(s) - November 20, 2015
3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

McMaster University, Kenneth Taylor Hall 109


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