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  • The Faculty of Humanities offers undergraduate programs leading to several different degrees. They are:

    • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Single Honours Bachelor of Arts (Single Hons B.A.)
    • Single Honours Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.)
    • Single Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
    • Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts (Combined Hons B.A.)

    A B.A. degree usually takes a total of 3 year’s full-time study, and students focus on one subject. A Single Honours usually requires a total of 4 year’s full-time study, with the student concentrating on one subject.
    The Combined Honours option also normally takes 4 years of full-time study and allows students to focus on two subjects equally. It is possible to combine two subjects from the Faculty of Humanities or one subject from Humanities with another from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

    Students do not have all three degree options in every Humanities discipline. Some subjects (Linguistics and Multimedia, for example) are only offered at the Honours level (Single and Combined) while Peace Studies and Cultural Studies and Critical Theory are offered as a Combined Honours programs only and must be taken with another subject. Click on the subject links (right) for program details. The B.F.A. in Studio Art can only be taken as a single honours degree.

    Special B.A. Honours Combinations

    Although it is usually only possible to combine two Humanities subjects or one Humanities and one Social Sciences subject, we do offer four special B.A. Honours programs with science subjects. These are:

    • B.A. Honours English and Mathematics
    • B.A. Honours French and Mathematics
    • B.A. Honours History and Mathematics
    • B.A. Honours Philosophy and Mathematics
    • B.A. Honours Philosophy and Biology


    If students in Honours programs concentrate a sufficient number of elective courses in one area during their degree, they may have the option of declaring a Minor in that subject upon graduation. Minors require the completion of 24 units in a subject – usually 6 units of Level I courses and a further 18 units of upper level courses.

    Admission to Programs in Level II

    Students entering the Faculty of Humanities take a general Level I program. They apply for entrance to a specific B.A. or Honours program at the end of their first year and must meet the requirements for that program. Eligibility for degree programs is governed by the student’s choice of courses and academic performance in Level I. Information on the academic average requirements for programs in Humanities and the Social Sciences can be found here: Program Entrance – Academic Requirements

    Note that Multimedia is a limited enrolment program. Entrance is competitive and is based on academic achievement, so the stated minimum requirements may not be sufficient to guarantee admission to the program.

  • Graduate students play an essential role in creating a vibrant academic atmosphere at any university, and the Faculty of Humanities is proud of the contribution made by its Masters and Doctoral students. The graduate programs at McMaster offer students excellent research opportunities in a personal environment.

    Students interested in graduate studies at McMaster should contact the relevant department directly for program information and application details.

    Master’s programs

    Doctoral Programs

    Graduate Diploma (Ph.D.)

    • Gender Studies and Feminist Research

    M.A. in Globalization Studies

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  • The Faculty of Humanities offers a small selection of specialized programs.