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Specialized Minor in Commerce

Students in an eligible Humanities program can take almost all of the same core business courses a Commerce major would take, all while earning a degree in Humanities. This combination will give students an edge in their future careers as graduate who not only have a solid foundation in core business topics but who can also engage in critical, ethical, and constructive enquiry, work with and understand diverse customers and colleagues, develop persuasive arguments that are grounded in evidence, and communicate complex and thought-provoking ideas. By taking this combination at McMaster, students will also benefit from the faculty’s emphasis on Humanities as Leadership, an emphasis which will prepare them to excel and rise to the challenges of an ever changing society.


Students apply at the end of their first year, at the same time as program selection (during the month of April). Admission is limited and selection is based on academic achievement. Students must meet or exceed the following criteria to apply:

·       Cumulative Grade Point Average of 6.0

·       Economics 1B03 with a minimum grade of B-

·       Economics 1BB3 or Math 1M03

·       Students must also qualify for and be enrolled in one of the following Single Honours programs:  Art History, Classics, Communication Studies, English, French, History, Justice, Political Philosophy, and Law, Linguistics, Multimedia, Philosophy, Theatre & Film

How to Apply

Students apply using a service request. This can be found in your Mosaic Student Centre in the drop-down menu starting with ‘other academics…’. Applications are due no later than April 30.

Course Requirements

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Comparison of Degrees

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If you would like more information, please contact the Humanities Academic Advising Office.