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Theatre & Film Studies

Theatre & Film Studies at McMaster forms part of the School of the Arts and centres on the study of live and recorded dramatic performance as a mode of communication.

How do actors, designers, film makers, videographers and other performance artists plan and produce their work? What are some of the traditions and techniques that influence the way different artists create performances in theatre, film, video or combinations of performance media? Why do different audiences react to these works the way they do? The Theatre & Film Studies program encourages students to explore these questions by providing them with the tools to analyze performances in a range of media, cultures and historical periods, to choose the forms of dramatic performance that are most effective for engaging in the social and cultural debates of the world around them, and to consider the challenges they pose for contemporary audiences.

As a Theatre & Film Studies student, you’ll benefit from in-class screenings and campus film series which complement film courses, as well as opportunities to learn about all aspects of play production through participation in class exercises, a professionally directed main-stage production, and a series of one-act plays directed by fourth year honours students. You can also get involved with the student-run Drama Club and explore the use of multimedia technologies in theatre research.


Programs in Theatre & Film Studies are administered by The School of the Arts.