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U. S. government documents are housed primarily in the Government Publications collection on the 2nd floor of Mills Memorial Library. Several different formats (paper, electronic, microform) are available; most are listed in MORRIS (Library online catalogue). Government publications are assigned CODOC call numbers that first identify the country (e.g. CA = Canada) or organization (e.g. UN = United Nations), and then indicate department, division and branch. All U.S. government publications begin with the country code "US".

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    [Subject searches work best for government publications catalogued AFTER 1995. For materials catalogued BEFORE 1996 search by any Keyword Index (with the exception of Subject Keyword).]
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Select list of U.S. Government Publications at Mills Library


United States. Bureau of Census. U.S. Decennial Census Publications, 1790-1970. 1975.
US1 DD -C18 (Microfilm)

United States Statistical Abstract, 1878 – 2005



The Congressional Record

Annals of the Congress of the United States, 1789-1824
US1 AB -C54 (Microfilm)

Register of Debates in Congress, 1824-1837
US1 AB -C54 (Microfilm)

Congressional Globe, 1833-1873
US1 AB -C54 (Microfilm)

Congressional Hearings, 1995 to present

Congressional Record, 1873-1999
US1 AB -C55 (Microfilm and Paper; coverage varies between formats)
The official record of the proceedings and debates of the U.S. Congress; published daily when Congress is in session. For records since 1994, use the THOMAS World Wide Web system or GPO Access.

House Journal, 1789-1875, 1991-1998

Senate Journal, 1789-1875

Senate Executive Journal, 1789-1875

United States. Congress. American State Papers, 1789-1838. 1960.
US1 AB -C57 (Microprint)

United States. Congress. United States Government Papers: Senate and House Committee Hearings and Prints. [n.d.]
US1 AB -C59 (Microprint) 1956-1980
1997 to present

United States Congressional Serial Set, 1833 – 1917
Congressional Reports and Documents


Foreign Affairs

United States. Declassified Documents Catalog
Z1223 .Z9D4 (Microfiche and Paper) 1975 to present (coverage varies between formats)

United States. National Archives and Records Service. Messages between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, 1939-1945. 1973
US1 GS70 -73M21 (Microfilm) 1939-1945

United States. National Archives and Record Service. U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Germany. [n.d.]
US1 GS70 -U75 (Microfilm) 1919-1941

United States. National Archives and Record Service. U.S. Military Intelligence Reports: Soviet Union, 1919-1941. 1984
US1 GS70 -U76 (Microfilm) 1919-1941

United States. National Security Council. Documents of the National Security Council.1980.
US1 A700 -80D25S1 (Microfilm)
US1 A700 -80D25S2 (Microfilm)
US1 A700 -80D25S3 (Microfilm)

United States. Office of Strategic Services. Germany and its Occupied Territories During World War II. [n.d.]
US1 DH116 -R04 (Microfilm)

United States. Office of Strategic Services. Africa: 1941-1961. [n.d.]
US1 DH116 -R13 (Microfilm)

United States. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files - - Germany: Internal Affairs, 1930-1941. 1984.
US1 S5 -C22 (Microfilm) 1930-1941

United States. State Department. Confidential U.S. Diplomatic Post Records. 1982-1984.
US1 S -C51 (Microfilm) 1914-1918
US1 S -C52 (Microfilm) 1919-1935
US1 S -C53 (Microfilm) 1934-1941

United States. State Department. Current Background: American Consulate General Hong Kong, China. [n.d.]
US1 S170 -C81 (Microfilm) 1950-1965

United States. State Department. Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files. 1985.
US1 S5 -S57 (Microfilm) 1945-1954

United States. State Department. Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States. (FRUS series)
US1 S -F55 (Microfiche) 1861-1942 (Paper) 1919, 1922-1968
The official record of the foreign policy of the United States; issued chronologically by country or geographic region (e.g. vol. 5, 1958-60, covers the American Republics). Mills is missing several volumes in the 1930s and 1940s, however, volumes prior to 1960 are being made available online in digitized form by the University of Wisconsin. Note also that the State Department has put selected volumes online for the Truman administration to the present.

United States. War Department. History of the Great Patriot War of the Soviet Union, 1941-1945. 1984
US1 DI 160 -60H33 (Microfilm) 1941-1945

United States. War Department. Magic Documents: Summaries and Transcripts of the Top Secret Diplomatic Communications of Japan, 1938-1945. 1980
US1 DI -78M12 (Microfilm) 1938-1945

United States. War Department. Reports of the General Board, United States Forces European Theater of Operations: An Analysis of U.S. Military Activities in Europe, 1944-1945. 1985
US1 DI 120 -46R23 (Microfilm)

United States. War Department. Wartime Translations of Seized Japanese Documents: Allied Translator and Interpreter Section Reports, 1942-1946. [n.d.]
US1 DI -88W17 (Microfilm) 1942-1946; Z1223 .Z9D4 (Microfiche)



Monthly Catalogue, United States Government Publications (GPO Monthly Catalog)
US1 GP -M51 (Microfilm and Paper) 1895 to present (coverage varies between formats)
The most comprehensive index of federal publications (e.g. reports, hearings, serials, and maps) sent to federal depository libraries. Electronic access to this publication from 1994 to the present is available online at



United States Code Congressional and Administrative News
US AB -U77 ; 1951 to present
Presidential proclamations and executive orders, information on the status of legislation, and the full text of Public Laws signed during the reporting period.

United States Code
US1 AC 195 -S75 ; 1964 - 1997
Consolidation and codification of the general and permanent laws of the United States; does not include temporary, private or local laws.

United States Statutes At Large
US1 AC 195 -S74 (Microfiche and Paper) 1789 - 1997 (coverage varies between formats).
Primarily a compilation of public and private laws though it does include presidential materials.



Code of Federal Regulations
US1 AC 206 P00-50 (Microfiche)

CFR Index and Finding Aids
US1 AC 206 P00-60 (Paper)
Codification of the general and permanent rules published by the executive departments and agencies of the U.S. Federal Government. Regulations in the Code have the "force and effect of law." The Code compiles new or amended regulations to those initially explained and interpreted in the Federal Register.

Federal Register
US1 AC 206 -F26 (Microfiche and Paper) 1971-1997 (coverage varies between formats)
Makes available public regulations and legal notices issued by Federal governmental agencies, including presidential documents, documents of general public interest and legal effect, and documents required to be published by law.
A CD-ROM for the Federal Register Database, 1997 to 2000, is available in Mills, Data/Text, 2nd floor, US1 AC 206 -F26C. Electronic access to this database from 1995 to the present is available online at


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