Department of Classics

Classics is the study of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean, especially (though not exclusively) Greece and Rome, and as such embraces a number of disciplines, including archaeology, history, philology, and philosophy. As the basis of western thought and culture, the study of Classics in all its aspects remains a critical and essential foundation for all inquiry into the Humanities. We prioritize the creation of well-rounded undergraduate and graduate students whose knowledge of Classical languages and civilization grows in tandem with their abilities in research, writing, and oral presentation. A Classics degree provides an excellent foundation for post-grad degrees in areas such as law, medicine, publishing, and information technology and is an excellent complement to other subjects in the Humanities or Social Sciences in a double major program.

We urge all students interested in any aspect of Greco-Roman culture (history, art, or archaeology), and especially anyone for whom graduate school is a possibility, to take as much Greek and Latin as possible, ideally one year of each language in all four years of an honours BA.

The Department of Classics at McMaster University offers programs leading to degrees at both undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A., Ph.D.) levels.

  • Graduate Student Day [more]
  • Ancient Coins teach researchers about modern society [more]
  • Summer classes in Greek and Latin [more]
  • Centre for Leadership in Learning [more]

Changes to OGS

Beginning with the competition for the 2013/14 academic year, the competition for Ontario Graduate Scholarship will be managed by the universities rather
than by the ministry. McMaster's deadline has not yet been firmly set, but will probably be in March. Please
consult this website, which we will update as more details are known.

Peter Kingston - In Memoriam

Peter KingstonIt is with great sadness that the Classics Department announces the passing of Dr. Peter Kingston
on Sunday August 18, 2013 at St. Joseph's Hospital. Dr. Kingston was an an Associate Professor in the Classics Department who taught Greek at McMaster for 43 years. He touched the lives of many students and colleagues and will be greatly missed.

Cremation has already taken place and a private family gathering will be held at a later date.