Multiple Choice Questions | Discussion Questions

1. How many workers in Hamilton were on strike during 'the Siege of Stelco' in 1946?

A) 10,000
B) 14,000
C) 12,000
D) 20,000

2. Who was the Mayor of Hamilton in 1946?

A) Mel Lastman
B) Bob Morrow
C) Sam Lawrence

3. According to one worker, what was the biggest grievance in the platemill?

A) Holidays
B) Union security
C) Hard work
D) Money

4. In addition to Stelco, what two other major companies were on strike in Hamilton?

A) Firestone
B) Coca Cola
C) Westinghouse
D) Firestone and Westinghouse

5. Why did the Stelco workers win in 1946?

A) Because of the support of the Hamilton working class
B) Stelco president Hugh Hilton changed his mind about trade unionism
C) Prime Minister Mackenzie King told Stelco to recognize the union