Multiple Choice Questions | Discussion Questions

1. An artisan is:

A) A circus performer
B) A painter of portraits
C) A craftworker
D) A blacksmith, cooper, or wheelwright
E) Both C and D

2. In the early years of craft production artisans:

A) Worked with technology handed down for hundreds of years
B) Were constantly upgrading their technology
C) Worked in large shops alongside many other craftworkers
D) B and C
E) A and C

3. 'De-skilling' is a term referring to:

A) The process of de-skinning a fish
B) The removal of technology from the workplace
C) The division of production into specialized tasks
D) The hiring of unskilled labour to do jobs once done by craftworkers
E) C and D

4. The growth of the steel industry in Hamilton:

A) Prompted unskilled immigrants to flock to the city in search of employment
B) Was at its greatest between World War I and World War II
C) Prompted other industries which needed steel and experienced labour to set up shop in the city
D) Signalled the beginning of the 'manager class' in the city as absentee owners needed supervision for there larger firms
E) All of the above

5. During the war period:

A) Technology was stolen from the Germans
B) Workers were herded to concentration camps
C) Women proved that they were excellent temporary replacement workers
D) Women proved that they were almost as good as men in industrial jobs
E) Women showed that they were as capable as men and that they could compete with men for industrial jobs