Grace Kehler,PhD


Associate Professor of English and Cultural Studies
Location: Chester New Hall, Room 208
Phone: 905 525 9140 ext. 23723

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Grace Kehler principally works on British literature and culture of the Victorian era, publishing articles on period representations of opera and gender (the prima donna and the castrato) in both nineteenth-century journals and fiction.  These concerns, in turn, have led to research on late twentieth-century recurrences to the problematic figure of the castrato in texts such as Ross King's Domino (1995) and Farinelli, the 1994 art film directed by Corbiau.  Most recently, she has been exploring the interchanges among British and German culture in terms of irony and ethics, using the art of Richard Wagner as a prime site of contestation.  Her work appears in journals such as Tessera, Essays in Theatre, Victorian Literature and Culture, Australasian Victorian Studies Journal, and the Victorians Institute Journal