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We offer a broad range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to challenge your perception of the past and the present. Whether you are interested in the medieval or the modern world, national or global history, our diverse and flexible programs will suite you. Our courses are designed to foster key skill sets: how to ask probing questions and seek thoughtful answers, how to read critically, write effectively and speak persuasively. [ More]

McMaster History in the News

Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh talks to CTV News on contemporary global insecurity and how it compares to the Cold War. [Interview]

Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh weighs in on growing strife in Ukraine, Gaza [Daily News]

History's own Ken Cruikshank has been appointed Dean of Humanities. [Daily News]

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1EE3 The Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues, September 2014

See Dr. Egan's blog:
History for a Sustainable Future.

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  • Faculty of Humanities Essay Prize Winners
    Term 2, 2013/2014 [Details]

    Level I 1st Prize: Johanna Sinclair
    "Cortigiane: Circumventing the gender and class restrictions of late Renaissance Italy"
    (History 1FF3)

    Level I 2nd Prize:
    Richard Freeman
    "Pilgrimage and the Protestant Ideal"
    (History 2HH3)

    Level II 2nd Prize:
    Samantha Misra
    "'The "Unapologetic Eugenicist": Margaret Sanger, Changing Ideas and The Women Rebel' (History 3WW3)

    Level III 2nd Prize: Claire Kilroy
    "'Ladies, that means Sisters': locating nursing Sister Sophie Hoerner's Experience of World War I within the gendered discourse surrounding the service of the Canadian Nursing Sisters"
    (History 3WW3)

    Level IV 2nd Prize: Olivia Dorio
    "The Changing Stories of Betty Friedan: Portrayals of Women's Activism in 1950s Queens, New York" (History 3WW3)

    Term 1, 2013/2014 [Details]

    Level II 1st Prize:
    Samhita Misra
    "I am still Author, Authorith: The Stories of the Rape of Slave Women" (History 2HI3)

    Level IV 2nd Prize: Adriana Cappelletti
    "Aime Cesaire: French Ties and Martinican Impact" (History 3RC3)
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  • 3HP3 History Practicum