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On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the Department of History.

We offer a broad range of courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels to challenge your perception of the past and the present. Whether you are interested in the medieval or the modern world, national or global history, our diverse and flexible programs will suit you. Our courses are designed to foster key skill sets: how to ask probing questions and seek thoughtful answers, how to read critically, write effectively and speak persuasively. [ More]

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  • The UN at 70: A Canadian Perspective
    sponsored by The Wilson Institute for Canadian History

    Friday, 12 June 2015

    From left to right, Dr. Viv Nelles, L.R. Wilson Chair, McMaster University, Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, former Minster of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Colin McCullough, Wilson Fellow, McMaster University, and Dr. Robert Teigrob, Department of History, Ryerson University.
  • Annual Graduate Colloquium
    BIG History, BIG Data, So What!

    Thursday, March 26, 2015