I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at McMaster University. A Commonwealth alumna and a Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation, I specialize in the history of 19th and 20th century philosophy of logic, language and mind. My publications include: Innovations in the History of Analytical Philosophy (with Chris Pincock, 2017) Ontology after Carnap (with Stephan Blatti, 2016), Themes from Ontology, Mind and Logic (2015) New Anti-Kant (with Clinton Tolley, 2014) Bolzano & Kant (2012), Bolzano’s Theoretical Philosophy (2011); Qu’est-ce que l’analyse? (2008); and a number of other books, articles and book chapters. I am a Founding Associate Editor of the Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy. I am currently Director Associations at the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

In 2017-18 I will be on sabbatical leave. I expect to be spending my time between Hamilton and University College Cork (Ireland), where I will be associated with the Philosophy Department.