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  • McMaster linguist deciphers ancient inscriptions

    Dr. John Colarusso, professor of Linguistics and Anthropology at McMaster has recently been named as the key player in deciphering some mysterious inscriptions on ancient Greek vases. Traditionally Classicists assumed that those inscriptions, in Greek letters, were only gibberish.

  • NEURODEVNET Training Opportunities
  • The department hosted this spring the first Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Hamilton workshop in syntax. We are glad to announce that the proceedings from the workshop were published by the McGill Working Papers in Linguistics and can be found here.
  • Congratulations to our PhD student Mackenzie Salt for being accepted into the Autism Researcher Training program, a program for doctoral students and professionals to become Autism researchers, with a one year funding from CIHR.
  • Accessing the mental life of brain injured people using brain imaging and language. 

Dr. John Connolly

Dr. John Connolly

  • The Brain Story

    Just a reminder that Global 16x9 will be broadcasting the story of Leonard Rodrigues, Rohan Pais and Kate Bainbridge, and the neuroscientists including Prof. John Connolly from McMaster University and other health professionals who made a such a difference in their lives. . . this Friday night, March 22, on Global 16x9, at 10pm in Ontario.

    Shortly after, you will be able to see the complete 20-minute story on our YouTube channel, at

  • Technology opens up new worlds for children with autism
  • What the Beep? Why Digital Sounds Are So Annoying
  • Why Major in Linguistics?

    The Economist has a recent article about a possible linguistics career, this time in linguistics software designed to to catch crooks. The article can be found here. If you would like to see some other ideas on possible linguistics career, the Linguistic Society of America has a nice overview of reasons to major in linguistics including a list of career opportunities. Check it out.
  • Launch of a new journal, Scientific Study of Literature (SSOL)
SLP and TESL Practicum sites

SLP deadline: April 15, 2015
TESL deadline: October 5, 2015

The Cognitive Science of Language Lecture Series

Debra Titone

(McGill University)

What the eyes reveal about first and second language reading: Explorations of cross-language competition, emotion and individual differences

Wednesday, February 25, 3:30pm, DSB/505

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