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Women's Studies

Women’s Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary area which prepares students for a wide range of future opportunities, including government work, teaching, business, community service work, and graduate studies. Women's Studies students to learn about diverse women’s needs and lives, and about efforts to make the world a better place for women, children and men. 

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for two new graduate programs:

These Programs are jointly dedicated to furthering understandings of the importance of gender as a category of analysis in scholarly inquiry. The Gender Studies and Feminist Research program, together with the Interdisciplinary Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, are a focal point for the University’s commitment to building an inclusive community.

Note that the Combined Honours B.A. in Women's Studies and another subject will be phased out over a three year period beginning in Fall 2009. From September 2010, no new registrants will be accepted into the program. Undergraduate Women's Studies courses will continue to be offered and all students currently registered in the program will be able to complete their degree. Students in other honours programs interested in pursuing a Minor in Women's Studies will continue to be able to do so.