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New Flexible Schedule Art History Course Opens to All Students

Seats are still available in a new online Art History course offered through the Ontario Online initiative and available to students registered at universities across the province.

Art History 1AA3: World Art and Cultural Heritage II starts in January and seeks to develop a global perspective on the history of art. We think students will love the new online format and flexible lecture and tutorial times that suit their schedule.

Here is what Dr. McQueen, the instructor has to say about the course:

“World Art & Cultural Heritage II offers students the opportunity to complete course work at their own pace. Dynamic presentations include materials on art works and UNESCO World Heritage Sites from around the globe, from the Renaissance period to the present day.  Assignments take students off campus to explore galleries and museums in their local communities.  Tutorials include specially created interviews that introduce students to art world professionals across the province, from the Art Gallery of Ontario to the National Gallery.  This innovative online course is designed to help students understand the significance of fostering knowledge and preserving cultural heritage in today’s complex world, and to learn how they can become leaders contributing in their local communities and as global citizens.”

Find out more about Art History 1AA3: World Art and Cultural Heritage II from the School of the Arts.