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Learning the ‘Art of Leadership’

Students discuss a group project in the Art of Leadership course

The McMaster Humanities Mentorship program is a unique opportunity for upper-year students to make a positive impact on the experience of fellow students. Two courses are currently being offered to students with special focus on skills such as social communication, creativity, and empathy — All skills that help develop life-long leadership abilities in communities and in the workplace.

Open to students from all Faculties, the idea is to pair senior students with Level one mentees. Throughout the program, senior students learn basic leadership skills and put these skills into practice by providing mentorship support for level one students including international students in the MELD Program, as they navigate their first year at McMaster.

“We discuss classic leadership themes like leading change, understanding your core values, setting manageable short term and long term goals and finding ways to work towards those goals both inside and outside the classroom,” says Anna Moro, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Humanities who has been leading the development of this program.

Read about the program and its highlights on the McMaster Daily News or find out more about our new program and the courses offered on our Art of Leadership website.