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Welcome Week 2016

Welcome Week 2016 is coming August 27 and we’re excited to welcome all of our new students to the McMaster campus and to the Faculty of Humanities.

McMaster has a tradition of providing an inclusive, exciting, and informative Welcome Week experience to help introduce new students to the campus and welcome everyone back for another great year at McMaster! Putting on Welcome Week is a joint effort from multiple Faculties and organizations on campus dedicated to giving new students (that’s you!) the best experience they can have joining our campus community.

ww2016-01-06Welcome Week will be full of events, concerts, help and information sessions and make sure you stick around for Faculty Day on . Faculty Day will be a great way to join with your fellow Humanities students and our wonderful reps!

Find out more about Welcome Week from our partners around campus:

Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check out the #MacWW2016 hashtag for the latest going on around campus.

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Want to know what is happening each day? Head on over to the Welcome Week site and check on “Mark Your Calendars.”