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Humanities Researcher’s Work Featured on McMaster Research Snaps

Two researchers in the Faculty of Humanities are the subject of a McMaster Research Snaps feature. Chris Myhr from School of the Arts and John Connolly from Linguistics and Languages are both featured for their work in research.

McMaster Research Snaps is a website that feature a variety of researchers across the University showcasing their work in short easy to read “snaps” that profile their work. Find out more about what is going on in McMaster research by visiting the McMaster Research Snaps website.

More Faculty of Humanities researchers are being profiled and will appear soon!

Raising Awareness of Human Interconnections with the Sea

chrismyhrThis artistic research produced a film and exhibition titled Approaches to Erg which recreated the effect of being underwater in the Halifax Harbour to draw our attention to the dynamic relationships that connect us to the large bodies of water surrounding our communities.

Visit Chris Myhr’s Research Snap

Listening to the Brain When the Body Cannot Speak

john_connollyResearchers have combined brainwave-imaging technology with language-based tests to see conscious brain activity among people who are unable to communicate in typical ways, giving doctors the information needed to provide critical health care interventions to these patients.

Visit John Connolly’s Research Snap