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McMaster welcomes first-ever Integrated Business and Humanities class

Students meet with the Associate Dean of BusinessIntegrated Business and Humanities (IBH) is a unique program starting at McMaster this fall. The program aims to bring some of the sharpest minds to McMaster for a four year program with the cohort selected based on academic standing, leadership qualities, extracurricular activities, volunteerism, and community engagement

Associate Dean of Humanities, Anna Moro, says the program will bring a humanistic perspective to the study of commerce, something she says is increasingly critical in the business world.

“We need business leaders with the ability to deal with uncertainty, and with the complexities generated by the multiple cultures, histories, systems, and viewpoints of our interconnected world, as well as leaders who understand the far-reaching consequences of their decisions, and are guided by an ethical framework,” she says. “The Humanities offerings in this program will help provide students with the foundation they need to develop these indispensable skills.”

Find out more about our new IBH program offered together with the DeGroote School of Business.

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