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A public intellectual in a time of tyranny

Henry Giroux, McMaster’s Chair for Scholarship in the Public Interest, has published more than 65 books on critical pedagogy, cultural criticism and educational theory. (His newest, A Terror of the Unforeseen, comes out this summer.) His work has been translated into 20 languages.

He’s delivered more than 250 public lectures. He’s one of the most cited Canadian academics in the humanities. In 2002, he was named one of the top 50 educational thinkers of the modern period.

And if he hadn’t been a decent basketball player, he wouldn’t have gone to college at all.

“I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, in a working-class neighbourhood,” Giroux laughs. “The choices you had in your life were to become a priest, become a firefighter or go into the service. There were three choices. That was it.”

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