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Laura Jakubczyk recipient of a President’s Award for Outstanding service

We are very pleased to announce that Laura Jakubczyk, Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Humanities’ Office of Interdisciplinary Studies (OIS) working with both the Gender Studies and Feminist Research (GSFR) and Peace Studies Programs, has been awarded the President’s Award for Outstanding service.

Laura has been the Administrative Assistant in the Faculty of Humanities’ Office of Interdisciplinary Studies (OIS) since 2015.  OIS houses the Graduate Program in Gender Studies and Feminist Research (GSFR) and the Peace Studies Program. These are small programs within the University, but they do important work in fostering the mandate of Forward With Integrity in terms of interdisciplinarity and community-engaged learning across campus.

Laura has demonstrated exceptional capacity to collaborate with community groups and with international, national and local scholars and activists who come to McMaster for signature campus events related to the Peace Studies and Gender Studies and Feminist Research Programs. She has exceeded expectations in her embrace of curricula that are grounded in issues of equity, diversity and inclusion, her ability to work with diverse cohorts of students, and with faculty and administrative staff from across campus who contribute to the programs in various ways. She is regularly the first point of contact for students seeking information about the GSFR and Peace Studies programs and often plays an integral role in their decision to choose McMaster; once they are here, she expertly guides them through the administrative requirements of the programs.

Her excellent communication skills, knowledge about curriculum, program requirements, and faculty research and teaching interests makes it possible for her skillfully and competently to answer students’ questions and her friendly, courteous and calm demeanour sets students at ease. Laura’s exemplary service continually exceeds expectations; she contributes substantially to interdisciplinarity, community-engaged learning, and to the University’s commitment to equity and diversity.

President Patrick Deane will present awards to the recipients in CIBC Banquet Hall, located in McMaster University Student Centre, Room 319, on May 28 beginning at 3 p.m. Register for the ceremony or find out more information about the President’s Award.