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Hamilton Schola Cantorum

(Gregorian Chant)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 12:30p.m.

Hamilton Schola Cantorum

The HAMILTON SCHOLA CANTORUM specializes in liturgical music of the middle ages.  The choir is under the direction of music theory professor, WILLIAM RENWICK.  They have performed throughout the region, and have been featured at the Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo Michigan and the Cranmer Conference in Ontario.  This program of Gregorian Chant features selections from the English (Sarum) repertoire which is being edited and published for the first time by Dr. Renwick on the web site  Many of the pieces that you will hear will be performed for the first time in almost 500 years.

Admission: Free

Program – Treasures of Sarum Chant

Invitatory Antiphon for the Feast of Saint Osmund: Omnipotens Dominus laudetur, Tone IV.v, with Psalm 94, Venite.


Antiphons for the Matins, the Feast of Saint Osmund.


  1. Natus mox renascitur. Mode I.i.

Osmund, born, was born again, soon to the font was tendered :

Washed of all defiling stains, and wholly clean was rendered.


  1. Adolescens profuit. Mode II.i.

He maturing grew in grace, in all arts excelling :

Experts rare he did outpace e’en in artful warring.


  1. Juventutis terminos. Mode III.i.

Passing o’er youth’s final pale wise and full of favour,

He let not the flesh prevail ‘gainst the spirit ever.


  1. Vir effectus prospere. Mode IV.ii.

Reaching manhood, Neustria well he ruled and tended :

Then the shores of Anglia ably he defended.


  1. Utrobique regia. Mode V.i.

Either kingdom’s might he spread, right and pow’r expanded :

Broad renewal gently bred, peaceful, evenhanded.


  1. Sed et domus Domini. Mode VI.

Yet was he most zealous for God’s true house and temple :

Freely did he gifts outpour, great was his example.


  1. Comes factus Sagie. Mode VII.i.

Made the count of Frankish Séez, heir of his dead father :

All his goods he gave away to the Church, his mother.


  1. Postremo Dorsetie. Mode VIII.i.

Afterward, of Dorsetshire, earldom being given,

Soon from worldly life was drawn, to the mitre driven.


  1. Jam celestem obtinens. Mode I.i.

Now a heavenly overseer, shepherd, by God’s favour :

Do thou gain thy servants here life to last for ever.


Responsory for the Feast of Saint Osmund Miles et alme pater.  Mode I.


Antiphons for Lauds, the Feast of Saint Osmund.


  1. Hic Osmundus refugit. Mode I.v.

This Saint Osmund fled the crown and the honour royal

For the Church’s great renown ; to God’s temple loyal.


  1. Sanctus iste stabilis. Mode II.i.

This true Saint of constancy in the good confession

Finds the crown of glory high as his due possession.


  1. Ob decus ecclesie. Mode III.ii.

Churchly beauty to restore, many a vigil making,

God alone he thirsted for, mortal flesh forsaking.


  1. Benedicta Neustria. Mode IV.i.

Blest the land of Neustria, such a gift bestowing !

O how happy Anglia, such a patron knowing.


  1. Qui cum sanctis omnibus. Mode V.i.

Now, O Osmund, reigning high, by all saints surrounded,

Pour for us who to thee cry, prayers to God unbounded.


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Date(s) - February 9, 2016
12:30 am - 1:30 am

Convocation Hall (University Hall 213)


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