Gandhi Peace Project

"Gandhi, the greatest political genius of our time, indicated the path to be taken. He gave proof of what sacrifices man is capable of once he has discovered the right path. His work on behalf of India's liberation is living testimony to the fact that man's will, sustained by an indomitable conviction, is more powerful than material forces that seem insurmountable"  - Albert Einstein

Overview of 2017 Gandhi Peace Festival events

Sept 23-Oct 21, 2017: Gandhi’s Life in Colour: An exhibit of photos, Hamilton Public Library, 55 York Blvd. 

Sept 30, 2017: Peace Festival at Hamilton City Hall, Speakers, cultural programs, peace walk and vegetarian meals, 1-4pm

October 1, 2017: "Education for our times", A conference hosted by GPF and McMaster University, McMaster Innovation Park, 9.30-6pm

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October 2, 2017: Mahatma Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence to be delivered by Shabana Azmi, acclaimed Indian filmstar and social activist, Hamilton Convention Centre, 6pm

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October 2, 2017: Gandhi Peace Festival Fundraising Gala Dinner (ticketed), Hamilton Convention Centre, 7.30pm

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Gandhi Peace Festival