Centre for Peace Studies
McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Gandhi Peace Project

McMaster Peace Week

McMaster University’s Commitment to a more Peaceful World

McMaster University’s Peace Week, from September 29 - October 3, runs in conjunction with the peace festival. The week showcases different social action groups on campus, providing them recognition and a chance to demonstrate their commitment to their various causes and ultimately peace. The upcoming week demonstrates a very holistic approach to how we can achieve peace in this world, with diverse groups expressing themselves in different ways.


As part of a memento of the week, we encourage students and the like to draw a peace sign on our poster paper that will be attached to our table in the student center, to act as a declaration of McMaster students’ commitment to achieving peace.

Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, FREE ADMISSION!

Monday, September 29, 6-7

WHO?               Spoken word poet Truth Is

WHERE?          Atrium of student center, by the couches

WHAT?             Performance of poetry

Tuesday, September 30, 6-9 pm

WHO?               STAND Canada

WHERE?          MDCL 1016

WHAT?             Film Viewing, Darfur Now followed by discussion

ABOUT THE FILM: the film is a documentary which follows the stories of 6 individuals who are working to end the genocide in Darfur, Sudan.  The stories range from that of the ICC's Chief Prosecutor to that of a rebel woman in Darfur and portray the different responses  to the need to get involved. Written and directed by Ted Braun, the film explores the Darfur conflict through the first-hand experiences of Don Cheadle, Hejewa Adam, Pablo Recalde, Ahmed Mohammed Abakar, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, and Adam Sterling.

Tuesday, September 30, 10 pm - midnight

WHO?              International Justice Missions (IJM)

WHERE?          Faculty Hollow

WHAT?             Evening peace vigil and reflection


Wednesday, October 1, from 12-1 pm

WHERE?          The Mills Square

WHO?              Rev Wear

WHAT?             Instant Do It Yourself Fashion: Add scissors and create for 12 minutes

Tired of spending hours at mall consuming yet another bland fashion flavour of the month? Looking to spice up your wardrobe with something fresh? In just 12 minutes we can show you how to blend random ingredients - scissors, buttons, a thread & needle, an old t-shirt and more - into a fashion statement that's good enough to wear.

Everyone's got their own secret recipe. Why not find yours. Using the materials provided, participants have 12 minutes to create a piece of wearable art. At each of the four stations, they will use a different skill (i.e.: hand sewing, joining fabric, etc.). At the end, their piece will be given a grade based on the following criteria: Fashion Flavour, Texture & Temperature (is it hot...or not). Abandoned or donated creations to be incorporated in to the 2009 RevWear Fashion Show.

5:30 - 7:00 PM MUSC 230
Open Circle is hosting a viewing of The Story of Stuff - an accessible, informative and entertaining online video about the issues surrounding our means of consumption and production. Learn and reflect on consumerism, participate in discussion with others to share views and insights. Movie snacks will be provided.

Thursday Oct. 2- 1 event, Gandhi lecturer 

WHO?              THE CENTRE FOR PEACE STUDIES McMaster University

WHAT?             The Eleventh Annual Mahatma Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence

WHERE?          HSC-1A1


Topic: Understanding Gandhi Comprehensively

Lecturer; Narayan Desai, son of Mahatma Gandhi's personal secretary and biographer, Mahadev Desai


Friday Oct. 3, 11:30 - 2 pm

WHERE?          Meet in student center in front of Compass, will all take the bus together

WHAT?             Peace Tour of Hamilton


Friday Oct. 3, 11:30-8 pm till whenever you want!

WHERE?          Pepper Jack's Cafe, downtown Hamilton

WHAT?             Nonviolence Now - End of week celebration, the "Eggmen", (Beatles cover band) will be performing at 10 pm - free cover charge, $5 to stay and listen to the band-10% off of food