JPPL Exit Survey

Dear JPPL Alum:

In the hope of obtaining information that will help us improve the program for the next generation of students, we ask that you complete the voluntary and anonymous survey below. We would be grateful for any input you see fit to provide, and we thank you in advance for your time and effort. 

  1. Do you have firm plans to enroll in a program of further study, graduate or undergraduate, or are you currently enrolled in such a program? If so, could you provide the name of the program and the home institution?
  2. Have you accepted an offer of employment with the intent of working there for more than a year? With whom, and in what capacity?

  3. What are your long-term career goals?

  4. Do you think that receipt of the JPPL Honours B.A. supports your immediate plans and/or long-term career goals? If so, how?

  5. Which JPPL courses did you find most influential, educational, or interesting? Feel free to comment on why you appreciated these courses.

  6. Are there any courses or areas of study that you wish had been included (either as requirements or ways of satisfying requirements) as part of the JPPL Program but were not?

  7. Feel free to enumerate any other strengths or weaknesses of the JPPL Program.

  1. Any other comments?

  2. May we have your contact information so that we might contact you in the future?
    (Name, E-mail, Phone, Mailing Address)

    The survey is being conducted for the purposes of "quality assurance studies" under the Government of Canada Tri-Council Policy Statement on research ethics, s. 1, art. 1.1, paragraph d. Your answers will not be used in professional research.

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