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Art History

The study of Art History helps develop a student’s critical skills and approaches to study and interpret works of art and visual culture produced as a result of human creativity throughout the ages. These skills can be applied in many professions that help make our world a better place: education, public museums, commercial galleries, auction houses, interior design, fashion marketing, advertising, art journalism, art investigation, art and healing, law and property rights, art and computer software development.

The program at McMaster is grounded in global heritage and methodologies, and offers courses in selected arts and visual cultures from diverse cultures of the Ancient Worlds, the Middle Ages, Early Modern to Modern, and up to the present, including Asian, Canadian, European, and indigenous arts.

Students benefit from access to the McMaster Museum of Art, which houses one the most impressive collections on any campus in North America, with tutorials often held in private galleries at the museum.


Programs in Art History are administered by The School of the Arts.