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English & Cultural Studies

Studying English & Cultural Studies at McMaster will introduce you to the rich cultural store house that has been created over the centuries, from the earliest Old English manuscripts, to the most modern examples of popular culture. It will equip you with the critical tools needed to analyze and interpret the diverse media used by writers and other creators of cultural products, as well as increasing your own powers of expression and critical thinking.

Drama, poetry, novels, short stories and critical theory all form the basis of literary study. You can examine texts from a variety of national literatures, as well as exploring cultural studies, one of the fastest growing areas of intellectual inquiry and research in the Humanities. Cultural studies examines the vital role played by popular culture in the construction and circulation of our social realities.

The Department of English and Cultural Studies also offers courses in creative writing and hosts a professional writer-in-residence, with whom students and community members are encouraged to discuss their current creative works and manuscripts.


Programs in English and Cultural Studies are administered by the Department of English and Cultural Studies.