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As a student of French at McMaster, you’ll be immersing yourself in one of the world’s great languages, spoken by millions in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, North America, and elsewhere. You’ll also be introduced to the rich literary and cultural traditions of French-speaking peoples.

The language of instruction and communication in the Department is French, which will enable you to increase your fluency. Each year, McMaster welcomes graduates from France, who work as assistants, helping students to hone their language skills. You may also be able to spend your third year studying at a French-language university in Canada or abroad.

The Department of French has an overall theme of francophonie et diversité – the French-speaking world and diversity. This theme is reflected in the three areas of study emphasized in French programs:

  • Linguistics, Translation and Literary Theory
  • Francophone Literatures and Cultures of Quebec and the rest of Canada, of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.
  • Franco-European Literatures and Cultures


Programs in French are administered by the Department of French.