Letters of Recommendation

Any student or former student in Art History, History or Arts & Science who would like to request that Dr. McQueen write a letter of recommendation or act as a reference needs to submit the following materials to her at least two weeks in advance of the deadline. For students requesting a letter for the first time, materials must be submitted in person during office hours; they can not be submitted electronically. Letters will only be written for students who have graduated from McMaster and will only be written in exceptional cases if the student graduated more than five years ago:

  1. a copy of your cv
  2. an unofficial copy of your transcript
  3. a list of courses (and year enrolled) you have taken with Dr. McQueen
  4. a copy of a research paper that you think it a good sample of your work (preferably one you wrote for Dr. McQueen)
  5. a copy of the statement of intent you will submit to the program (for an award include a statement of why you are applying and why you think you are a good candidate for the scholarship/award)
  6. a list of the addresses and dates by which the letter(s) must be received
  7. any forms that need to be filled out (make sure you complete any necessary sections and sign if required)