Letters of Recommendation

If you are a current or former student of mine in Art History, History, or Arts & Science and you would like to request that I write a letter of recommendation or act as a reference for you, please first make an appointment with me to discuss your request and be prepared well in advance. All materials would need to be submitted to me no less than two weeks in advance of the deadline. First you would send me an email requesting an appointment via telephone or Zoom.

I regard writing letters of recommendation as an important part of my work as a professor and I take pride in the success of my numerous former students who have been accepted to the graduate and post-graduate programs of their choice, who have been awarded scholarships and Teaching Assistant positions that support their studies, and who have been successful in their applications for employment. Letters of recommendation are best written by someone who has an in-depth knowledge of your work and your goals. If you graduated more than five years ago but we have remained in contact I continue to be happy to receive your request.

Following our meeting you would need to be prepared to send to me via email:

  1. a copy of your curriculum vitae
  2. an unofficial copy of your transcript
  3. a list of the courses that you have taken with me, and the years you were enrolled
  4. a copy of a research paper that you think it a good sample of your work - preferably one you wrote for a class with me
  5. for applications for scholarships, grants, graduate and post-graduate programs: a copy of your statement of intent, or a draft if you are still working on the final version
  6. a list of the addresses and dates by which the letter(s) must be received
  7. any forms that need to be filled out - make sure you complete any necessary sections and sign if required