Adjective and Adverb Identification

            Identify the adverbs and adjectives. When you identify an adjective be sure to include information regarding its case, number and gender. If you are having difficulty take a deep breath and refer back to your textbook or past exercises we have done. When you find yourself overwhelmed try to focus on one thing at a time and the process will not seem so impossible.

  Riddle 86
  Wiht cwōm gongan,  þær weras sæton  
  monige on mæđle     mōde snottre ;
  hæfde ān ēage   ond ēaran twā
  ond twegen fet,   twelf hund heafda,
(5) hrycg ond wombe      ond honda twā,
  earmas ond eaxle,   ānne swēoran
  ond sīdan twā.             Saga hwæt ic hātte.

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