Image Riddles

            In order to better acquaint you with Anglo-Saxon culture here are a few Modern English riddles whose solutions are Anglo-Saxon images. Try figuring out the answer to each riddle and click 'Solve' when you are ready to see the solution. This exercise will allow you to become more familiar with what Anglo-Saxon objects actually looked like. Sometimes while translating it is difficult for Modern readers to visualize exactly what the text is describing because we are removed from ancient living. Objects that the Anglo-Saxons came into contact with on a regular basis were very different from the kinds that you and I encounter in our daily routines. A good way to familiarize yourself with Anglo-Saxon culture is to go to Google and type in "Anglo-Saxon Images;" a mirage of pictures come up that allow you to get a better idea of what kinds of material things these people had access to.

Riddle #1

Used to protect during conflict and war,

housed the skull, the mind, the core.

Ensured the safety of the fighter's thoughts,

built strong to last and guard at all costs.


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Riddle #2

Both decorative and purposeful,

these adornments were never dull.

Finely crafted and exquisitely made,

designed with the intention to never fade.



Riddle #3

An item worn on a chain,

pleasant to the eye, of material gain.

A splendid colour with a beautiful shine,

a symbol of status, an important sign.



Riddle #4

A decorative object worn above the hand,

intricately sculpted, delicately brand.

Its remarkable strength is why it still exists,

a treasure from the past, it fits around the wrist.



Riddle #5

This is the term for an architectural support,

often found on abbeys, there are many different sorts.

Some are quite stylized and others of a simpler variety,

from animated puppies to eloquent expressions of piety.



Riddle #6

A exquisite possession made of real gold,

perhaps it was passed down, perhaps it was sold.

Fit snuggly on someone's finger centuries ago,

a gift from family or friend, but never foe.



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