Noun Identification

            Now that you have identified the pronouns, prepositions and conjunctions you will need to label the nouns. Understand that there is no one correct order to go about identifying parts of speech and that you do not necessarily have to translate in this order. The way the grammar has presented to you on this website is simply a way to introduce you to Old English and guide you in your early translations. If you feel more comfortable determining all the verbs first, for example, by all means do so. Use whatever approach you find most comfortable as there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to translate. Just remember to pay attention to case, number and gender as these elements are essential in determining word order and sentence structure.

  Riddle 86
  Wiht cwōm gongan,  þær weras sæton  
  monige on mæđle     mōde snottre ;
  hæfde ān ēage   ond ēaran twā
  ond twegen fet,   twelf hund heafda,
(5) hrycg ond wombe      ond honda twā,
  earmas ond eaxle,   ānne swēoran
  ond sīdan twā.             Saga hwæt ic hātte.

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