Commonly Used Phrases and Numbers

            The following lists contain phrases and numbers that are frequently found in Old English texts. These lists are intended to be introductory aids and are thus not extensive; additonal numbers and phrases can be found in your textbook. You will need to be familiar with some of the numbers found below for the next riddle we translate.

Commonly Used Phrases [40] Translation
mid țām țe/mid țy (țe)   when
nealles (țæt) ān…ac  not only…but
on āne tīd at the same time
swā swā just as
swā fela…swa    as many as
swā hwæt swā    whatsoever
swā hwelc swā  whosoever
swā țeah  however
swā wīde swā as far as
swilcum ōđrum in other such
swīđe swīđe very much
țā gyt still
đa hwīle đe  while, as long as
țā țā  when
țā…țā then…when/when…then
țær țær wherever, there where
țær…țær   where…there


Old English Numerals    
Cardinal (i.e one, two) Ordinal (i.e first, second) Modern English Equivalent
ān  forma one 
twēgen ōțer  two
țrīe țridda  three
fēower  fēorđa  four
fif  fifta   five
siex siexta  six
seofon seofoța seven
eahta   eahtoța eight
nigon  nigoța   nine
tīen  tēoța   ten
endleofan endleofteþa eleven
twelf  twelfta twelve
þreotiene þreoteoþa thirteen
feowertiene feowerteoþa fourteen
fiftiene fifteoþa fifteen

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[40] Mitchell and Robinson, Glossary.