Æschere :
Counselor and warrior of *Hroðgar. Taken by *GM in revenge for the death of her son (*XX). His head is found near *GM's lair. (*XXI)

Ecglaf :
A Dane. Father of *Unferð.

Ecgwela :
Unknown Danish king. Part of Hroðgar's cautionary tale to Beowulf.

Helmingas :
Family to which *Wealhþeow belongs.

Heremod :
An unknown king of the Danes cited by Hroðgar to Beowulf as an example of bad kingship.

Unferð :
Courtier of *Hroðgar.

Wulfgar :
An official at the court of *Hroðgar.
(*V, *VI)

Yrmenlaf :
A warrior.

Scyld :
Mythical Danish king. Opens the epic with his example of good kingship.

Beow(ulf) :
Son of *Scyld. Another example of good kingship.

Healfdene :
Son of Beow and father of Hroðgar.

Heorogar :
Healfdene's first son and older brother of *Hroðgar. He had a short reign and one son.
(*I, *VII, *XXXI)

Heoroweard :
Son of *Heorogar. It is supposed that he did not succeed to the Danish throne because of either youth or lack of strength. His uncle Hroðgar ruled instead.

Hroðgar :
King of the Danes during Beowulf's visit to Heorot. He is heir to the Scylding line of worthy kingship and becomes *Beowulf's mentor in the subject of kingship

Wealhþeow :
*Hrothgar's queen.
She is a queen who demonstrates her political clout when Hroðgar bestows numerous gifts upon Beowulf for saving his kingdom, but is mindful of the proper line of succession to the Danish throne.

Hreðric :
First son of *Hroðgar.

Hroðmund :
Second son of *Hroðgar.

Freawaru :
Daughter of *Hrothgar. Her marriage is arranged to *Ingeld, son of *Froda. *Beowulf forsees bad tidings for this union.

Halga :
Danish Prince, younger brother of *Hrothgar. (*I)

Hroðulf :
Son of *Halga.
(*XV, *XVII)

Heorot :
Famous hall of the Danish king *Hroðgar.

Hrunting :
Unferð's sword. Loaned to *Beowulf for the battle with *GM.

Ing :
A Germanic Deity. Friend of the Danes.

Ingeld :
Prince of the Heatho-Bards, son of *Froda. To be married to *Freawaru, daughter of *Hrothgar.
(See the Finnsburg story)

Froda :
Heatho-Bard chief, father of *Ingeld.