Hreðel :
King of the Geats, father of *Hygelac, grandfather of *Beowulf.

Herebeald :
Geatish prince, eldest son of *Hreðel. Killed in an accident by his brother Hæðkyn.

Hæðkyn :
Geatish prince. Second son of *Hreðel. He accidentally kills his brother with an arrow and inherited the throne.

Hygelac :
(Chlocilaicus) King of the *Geats. Historically, he lead a raid against the Franks in 520. In the poem, he leads an attack against the Frisians and is defeated

Hygd :
Second wife of *Hygelac.

Ecgþeow :
Father of *Beowulf.

Heardred :
Geatish king, son of *Hygelac and Hygd. Inherits Geat throne from his father with Beowulf serving as his regent and is killed by *Onela for harbouring *Eanmund and *Eadgils after another conflict with the Swedes. This opens the way for *Beowulf to take the throne.

Eofor :
Slayer of *Ongentheow during an early raid on the Swedes. Hygelac repaid him by offering his daughter in marriage.

Ælfhere :
Kinsman to *Wiglaf.

Hæreð :
Father of *Hygd.

Hondscio :
One of the comrades of *Beowulf at Heorot. He was eaten by *Grendel.

Swerting :
Maternal uncle or grandfather of *Hygelac.

Wægmunding :
Family to which *Weohstan, *Wiglaf, and *Beowulf belong. There is no historical record for who they may have been.

Weohstan :
Father of *Wiglaf.

Wiglaf :
Kinsman of *Beowulf. He was he only Geat to come to Beowulf's aid when they fought against the dragon. He is rewarded well for his bravery and loyalty.

Wonred :
Father of *Wulf and *Eofor.

Wulf :
Wounded in battle against *Ongentheow. Brother to Eofor

Hrones :
A Headland on the coast of Geatland.

Nægling :
*Beowulf's Sword. Given to him by *Hygelac after his adventures at Heorot. It was once owned by *Hrethel.

Breca :
Chief fo the *Brondingas.

Beanstan :
Father of *Breca.

Ring of Brosings :
Neck ring given from *Wealhtheow to *Beowulf to *Hygd, to *Hygelac, and then lost to the *Frisians.