This page contains photographs of Bertrand Russell's mistresses and friends.


Person(s) in Photograph: Ottoline Morrell

Description:  Lady Ottoline Morrell at Garsington Manor, Oxfordshire, a focal point for the "Bloomsbury Group" of intellectuals and artists and a refuge for pacifists during the Great War.

Archive Box Number: 2,15


Person(s) in Photograph: Ottoline Morrell

Description:  Lady Ottoline Morrell, who became in 1911 Bertrand's mistress and remained his close friend and confidante until her death in 1938.

Archive Box Number: 2,15



Person(s) in Photograph:  Lady Constance Malleson ("Colette O'Niel") (married to the actor Miles Malleson)

Description:  Lady Constance Malleson with whom Russell entered into a passionate affair during the Great War and which continued intermittently over several decades. She was a successful actress and refused Russell's requests to have children. In later life Colette expressed regret to Russell that the two of them had never married and described the day she learned of Russell's fourth marriage, to Edith Finch, as "one of the worst in my life". The picture is inscribed: "To BR & Peter [Spence, Russell's third wife] - Xmas love from Colette."

Archive Box Number: 4,14

Date: 1937


Person(s) in Photograph:  Lady Constance Malleson ("Colette")

Description:  This post card of Lady Constance Malleson ("Colette") is inscribed: "For Bertrand Russell". Russell's voluminous correspondence with Colette provides a rich resource of material on his emotional life.

Archive Box Number: 4,13

Date: c. 1917-1919


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, G.E. Moore

Description:  Bertrand Russell and the distinguished British philosopher, G.E. Moore, at Princeton University when the latter was a Visiting Professor. Russell and Moore developed a close intellectual association as Cambridge undergraduates in the 1890s; with Moore providing the lead, both contested after 1900 the dominant, neo-Hegelian school of British philosophy. Moore and Russell were never close friends. The former became a revered thinker for the Bloomsbury Group.

Archive Box Number: 4,3

Date: c. 1941



Person(s) in Photograph: Julie Medlock

Description:  This photograph of Julie Medlock, Russell's American literary agent, is inscribed: "To BR - devotedly, Julie". Russell first met Medlock while delivering a short series of lectures at Columbia University in 1950, published as The Impact of Science on Society.

Archive Box Number: 4,11

Date: 1955



Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Edith Russell, Ralph Schoenman

Description:  Bertrand and Edith Russell at Plas Penrhyn with Ralph Schoenman, a young American graduate student and peace activist who became, first, Russell's private secretary and, later, a director of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation.

Archive Box Number: 5,9

Date: c. 1960


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Abdul Aziz Zu ' Bi

This is a photograph of Bertrand Russell with Abdul Aziz Zu ' Bi, the deputy mayor of Nazareth. Russell had for some years been perplexed by the potential for conflict arising from Arab-Israeli disputes in the Middle East; on several occasions in the 1960s the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation was asked to send emissaries to attempt mediation between Egypt and Israel.

Archive Box Number: 5,22

Date: 1964


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Albert Schweitzer, unidentified persons

Description:  This is a photo of Bertrand Russell and, to his left Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace laureate, German theologian, physician, musician, philosopher and humanitarian, whose work for peace Russell greatly admired.

Archive Box Number: 4,9

Date: 1965


Person(s) in Photograph: Z.A. Bhutto, Bertrand Russell, Ralph Schoenman

Description:  Bertrand Russell and his private secretary Ralph Schoenman with Z. Ali Bhutto, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, whose border dispute with India at this time led Russell to demand that the latter nation be declared an aggressor by the UN.

Archive Box Number: 5,19

Date: 1965


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Edith Russell, Y.R. Chao

Description:  In the foreground are Bertrand Russell, Edith Russell and Y.R. Chao, a Chinese-American scholar of distinction who nearly fifty years previously had acted as Russell's interpreter in China.

Archive Box Number: 5,20

Date: 1968


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