Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell

Description:  This is a professional portrait of Bertrand Russell in his early fifties.

Archive Box Number: 2,8

Date: c. 1924


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell

Description:  Bertrand Russell lecturing at the University California, Los Angeles where he had taken up a three-year appointment as Professor of Philosophy in March 1939. He resigned this post the following February in order to teach at the City College of New York, but this appointment was blocked after a celebrated legal battle between the upholders of religious morality and academic freedom. Photo courtesy of Fenwicke W. Holmes.

Archive Box Number: RA3 Rec. Acq. 1200

Date: c. Apr. 1940



Description:  The Wimbledon by-election was the first of three electoral contests fought unsuccessfully by Russell. He had little chance of winning this safe Conservative seat, but hoped to use the campaign to promote the cause of female suffrage, one of whose organizations had sponsored his candidacy.

 Date: 1907


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Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell

This caricature by Ronald Searle of the ageing Bertrand Russell appeared in the British satirical magazine, Punch.

Archive Box Number: 8,17


Description:  This cartoon from the Evening Standard refers to the week-long prison sentence served by Russell in September 1961, following his conviction on public order charges brought after a large central London peace demonstration in commemoration of Hiroshima Day (6 August).

Archive Box Number: 8,16


This is a caricature of Bertrand Russell, which he autographed. Attached is a letter to the caricaturist, Jack Rosen:
"From The Earl Russell, O.M.,F.R.S.,
TEL. Penrhyndeudraeth 242,
10 May, 1960.

Dear Mr. Rosen,
I return herewith the caricature which you sent and which I have duly autographed. I should like, however, to make it clear that I do not find the imminent extinction of the human race as amusing as the caricature might lead people to suppose.
Yours sincerely,
Bertrand Russell"

Archive Box Number: 8,15

Date: 1960


Person(s) in Photograph:  Bertrand Russell, Jacob Epstein

Description:  Bertrand Russell posing for the bronze bust made by the famous British sculptor, Jacob Epstein.

Archive Box Number: 3,22

Date: 1953


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell

Description:  This photograph shows Bertrand Russell tearing up his Labour Party membership card after announcing in October 1965 his resignation from an organization to which he had belonged for nearly fifty years. This action was taken in protest of the Labour Government's support for the policy of the United States in Vietnam.

Archive Box Number: 5,6

Date: 1965


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Veikko Konttinen

This is a photograph of Bertrand Russell being interviewed by Veikko Konttinen of the BBC Finnish Service for the series "Man of the Month". In the decade after World War II, Russell frequently broadcast on a variety of topics on both the Home and Foreign Services of the BBC.

Archive Box Number: 4,5


Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell, Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, Lady Violet Bonham-Carter, Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Lord Boyd-Orr

Description:  This photograph shows the participants in the BBC's weekly discussion programme, "London Forum". The panel featured here discussed the issue of human rights. Seated, moving from Russell's left, are Conservative M.P. Sir David Maxwell Fyfe, Liberal politician and daughter of former British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, Lady Violet Bonham-Carter, widow of the late American President, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, and Lord Boyd-Orr.

Archive Box Number: 4,5

Date: Apr. 28, 1951



Person(s) in Photograph: Bertrand Russell

This is a photograph of Bertrand Russell sitting in a hospital bed in Trondheim, Norway after he was rescued from a flying boat crash, Oct. 8, 1948. (AP photograph)

Archive Box Number: 3,8

Date: 1948


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