Sustainable Future History Project


The History of a Sustainable Future?

It’s a bit of a funny name and a peculiar concept (looking backward to look forward), but the Sustainable Future History Project is predicated on the idea that in order to fully understand the social, political, economic, and ecological extent of our contemporary environmental crisis we need to be conscious of its historical context.  Moreover, resolving our global environmental problems requires careful thought and planning; future success is dependent upon a deeper appreciation of the past.  This is the point: historicizing sustainable futures is based less on the notion that we should learn from past mistakes, but rather on the premise that solving the environmental crisis will demand the most and best information available, and history provides valuable insight into the creation and proliferation of the environmental ills we hope to curb.

This long term, web-based, and interactive history project is designed to bring together students and researchers to reflect upon the relationship between environmental history and the history of technology, and how these branches of history inform our present and our future.  As it is developed, it seeks to provide accessible historical information and resources for scholars, policy makers, activists, and concerned citizens.


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The Sustainable Future History Project is housed within the History Department @ McMaster University.