MMEDIA 1A03, Homework 1

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  1. Which of these is not a common way to access multimedia?

    Through a Web site.
    On a game cartridge.
    Off a CD-ROM.
    From a local area network.
  2. How are multimedia works typically accessed?

    As an interactive installation in an art gallery.
    On a networked computer.
    Through a cell phone.
    On a personal digital assistant.
  3. Which of these is not a good example of a multimedia work?

    A personnel database
    An interactive game
    A computer tutorial
    A Web site promoting a movie
  4. Which of these is probably not interactive?

    A Web site on a museum
    A computer game
    A MP3 file of the Canadian anthem
    A Web site on birds
  5. What is the most important thing to consider when designing multimedia?

    Type Design
  6. Which of these issues is not important to screen design for the Web?

    Layout of the Web page
    How the HTML pages are generated
    Titles for Web pages
    Navigation system
  7. Which of these is the best definition of multimedia?

    An interactive work that combines multiple media
    A slide show that incorporates audio
    A mixed-media work of art
    An installation that responds to movement
  8. Which of these is the best definition of humanities computing?

    Humane uses of computers
    The study of the history of computers and the philosophy of technology
    Using computers in art
    The use of computers in the humanities and the study of computers from a humanities perspective
  9. When designing a Web site, what are the two types of design you need to consider?

    Design of HTML and design of graphics
    Screen design and site design
    Design of the interface and design of buttons
    Design of the text and design of the logo
  10. Which of these is a technology used for dynamic generation of Web multimedia?

    WYSIWYG HTML Editors
    Style Sheets
    XML and Databases
  11. Which of these is not a typical Web site design?

  12. Vannevar Bush is important in the history of multimedia for what?

    Being the first to create a working computer during WW II.
    Being the first to imagine a hypertext system that could link information in associative trails.
    Being the science advisor to the President of the United States during World War II.
    Constructing an mechanical computing device that could generate images.
  13. What does WWW stand for?

    World Wide Web
    World Wetware Web
    Windows Web World
    Windows Winsock Workstation
  14. Which of these is a good definition of multimedia?

    A work that mixes spreadsheets, coffee and performance art.
    A work that can be viewed on a computer and is created by an artist.
    A work meant to be viewed on a computer that weaves together interesting information.
    A work meant to be viewed on a computer that combines multiple media into a rhetorical communication.
  15. Which of these is the important characteristic of a multimedia work?

    That it is delivered on a CD-ROM.
    That it is created with HTML.
    That it includes computer animation.
    That it is designed to communicate or entertain.

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