1. Welcome

Class Outline

Vannevar Bush and As We May Think
What is Humanities Computing?
How the course will be run
Look at the Web site

2. As We May Think

Vannevar Bush

How can technology help the peace?

Technology and Thinking
Communicating, Classifying and Associating


3. Computers and the Humanities

What do computers have to do with the humanities?

What are the Humanities?
(History, Languages, Philosophy, English, Arts, French)
Disciplines that look at what human culture, art and communication
Disciplines that look at how we think and express ourselves

What is a computer?

A general purpose, digital, electronic, calculating machine
A technology that extends our thinking, expressing and communicating

4. How will the course be run?

Office hours, Thursday 2-4pm, TSH 309A

Come and visit!

Lectures twice a week

Lecture notes will be online


Sign up for tutorials after Monday's class
Small group work


Multipart Web Assignment
Final Exam

5. Content of Course

Understanding Multimedia Communication in the Humanities
Design of Multimedia
Interface Design
Digital Media: Text and Image
Digital Media: Sound and Video
Hypertext and Hypermedia
History of Multimedia Computing
Futures of Multimedia Computing
Multimedia and Learning

6. Tutorials

In TSH 206

Groups of up to 25

Within Tutorial you form Small Groups of 4-5

Assignments will be handed in and returned in Tutorial

Sign up for tutorials at office on 2nd floor of TSH (205) starting Monday after class

In the Tutorial you will learn hands-on skills needed

HTML, Dreamweaver...

Your TA is your friend

7. Assignments


Participtation in tutorial and small group worksheets
I will assign participation marks to students who go out of their way to help


5 online multiple-choice forms
First one to be completed by September 29

Web Assignment

Three parts, topic page, interface design, and full Web site
Topic due week of Oct 13 in Tutorial

8. Readings and the Web Site

No textbook!

Readings are on the Web (See outline)

Web Site


Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, September, 2003