1. Class Outline




2. Administration

Judy the Robot, tomorrow, 7pm

Vanessa and internships, today in TSH lounge - 7th floor

Web topic paper

When will you get it back?
Remember to keep it


Up today, not recording until Thursday, finish by next Sunday at midnight
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3. Special Project

I want you!

If you have design skills
If you are willing to do extra work for participation

Topic Maps

Maps for each of the major topics
Each done an 11 by 17 sheet
To be published for review

4. Interactivity


Why is interactivity important?
What do we think interactivity is?
What are paradigms of interactivity?

Why is it important?

Definition of multimedia
Multiple media combined in interactive whole
Interactivity is how we combine media
Interactivity is how we make digital media
Interactivity is how we control media

5. What do we think interactivity is?


Acting on another
Appropriate response
Quick response
Interesting response

What are paradigms of interactivity

Human dialogue
Computer as person/servant
Computer as respondent (someone you can talk to.)

6. Face to Face

Appropriate Response

Fast and Relevant


You can interrupt the other

Impression of an Infinite Knowledge Base

Lots of responses


Capable of anticipating you


Not predictable - Interesting

7. Two models for the computer

Servant - Command Line

We ask it to do things
It responds
Or we get an Error message
DOS or Unix Shell
Verb (or Command) Noun

Direct Manipulation - GUI

We manipulate representations on screen
Direct handling of objects
Objects represented on screen by icons, handles and avatars
Graphical User Interface
Noun (icon of object) Command (menu)

8. Examples of Interactivity

Interplay of media

Combination of media on screen
Media controls

Links in Web Page

Quick response
How to gage speed?
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Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, October, 2003