1. Class Outline


Tutorials, Groups, and Worksheets

Multimedia Demonstration

More on Multimedia

2. Administrative Details

Sign up for tutorials

TSH 205 - Office on Second Floor
I will get the sheets there

Small Groups

Worksheet 1 - check Web site
Complete by next week and hand in to TA

Monday: Andrew Mactavish

New Reading Up for next week

3. Demonstration

Multimedia Definition

Multiple Media
Rhetorical Artifact

Look at how it starts

Look at interface features

What do you expect?

4. Rhetorical Artifact

Designed to instruct, entertain and convince

By design team for audience

Right content for the right person at the right time in the right form
Content, Audience, Timing, Design

Does it meet expectations?

Does it set a tone as it starts?

5. Review and look forward

Computing in the Humanities = Expression and Communication with a Computer

Expression with a Computer = Multimedia

Defining Multimedia so it Helps

Looking Ahead

Form and Design
Digital Media
What is a computer, past and future?

Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, September, 2003