1. Class Outline

Thinking about design, Screen and Architecture

Screen designs

Types of Architecture

2. Administration

New Tutorial, Thursday 11:30

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Discussion Worksheet

Learn from each other

Topic Outline Worksheet

Homework will go up next week

Check out links (especially Communication Arts link)

3. Audience Questions

Where am I?

Identification, Titling, Logo

What's here for me?


Where can I go?

Navigation, Mental Model

4. Simple Screen Layout

5. Frame Layout

6. Complex Layout

7. Architecture

Two types of architecture

Model: The way you encourage your user to think about the site
Structure: The way you technically organize it

Mental Models

Why have a model?
Help your user anticipate where to find stuff
Manage expectations

Good Models

Consistent and Simple
Appropriate to Content

8. Hierarchical

Home Page and Branches

Suitable for information sites

9. Linear

Home Page and Sequence

Suitable for tutorials

10. Axial

Home Page, Sequence and Arms

Hybrid suitable for mixed uses

11. Important Features

Home Page

Information Types

Related Content and Digressions

Link Types and Navigation

Next and Previous
Links Outside

Landmark Pages

Chapter Landmarks
Site Map
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Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, September, 2003