1. Class Outline

Technical Design



2. Administration

No Class on Thursday

Small Groups

Use the time well!

Homework - See Site

Readings - Web Design

3. Technical Design

Audience and Delivery

Types of Delivery Vehicle
Types of Computers

WWW as Delivery Vehicle


Authoring Tools

How can you create information?

4. Delivery

World Wide Web

Broad Audience
Expectation that it is free
Server maintenance
Audience has to be connected
Limited technology (through browser)


Focused audience
Can be sold
Distribution system needed
System dependent

Floppy, Cartridge, LAN

5. WWW Introduction

Browsers and Servers


Browser send request and server returns HTML page

HTML = HyperText Markup Language

Open Standard

Maintained by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

Platform Independent

Will display on PC, Mac, Unix

Text file with markup

Markup provides layout and display information
Markup by tags

Browser Renders HTML

7. WWW

World Wide Web

Not the same as the Internet!

Built on Open Protocols (HTML and HTTP)

Can be extended with plugins

Dynamic Sites

Server generates HTML

Types of Dynamic Technologies

Style Sheets (CSS, XSLT)
XML Extensible Markup Language
Database Driven Sites

8. Authoring Tools

What are authoring tools?

Easy to use programming
WYSWYG editors
HyperCard - 1986

Some Common Tools

Dreamweaver - Web Site Tool
Flash - Creates interactive components
Director - Used for CD-ROM projects

9. Web Topic - Referencing

How to quote

Use quotation marks or

Have a link to a full reference

Full reference should link to original

Don't quote facts

Write out facts in your own words
Provide reference if needed

Created by Geoffrey Rockwell, September, 2003